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The Contingency & Trait Theory of Leadership

Fiedler is the man who proposed and forwarded the contingency theory of leadership.
According to this theory, the individual’s management related to his/her control over a
specific scenario is the key factor on which the style of efficient leadership is dependent.
Moreover, specific variables relational to the environment are focused on the contingency
theory of leadership. Which specific leadership style is well suited for which situation is
determined by this theory? However, as per this theory, no specific style of leadership is
perfect for all type of scenarios. As it has been suggested by some researchers of leadership
that the qualities of the leader are not the key factor behind efficient leadership. It indeed is
all about maintaining the correct balance between the context, needs, and behaviours. Good
leaders are the one who first conducts an assessment of their followers’ needs, takes a notice
of the scenario, and then applies their behaviours accordingly. , success is dependent on
different types of variables, involving the aspects of the scenario, the qualities of the
followers, and the style of leadership.

According to this theory, leaders are not made but they are inborn people. It has been
emphasised by this theory that in order to become an effective leader, one of the key is the
personal characteristics of a person. It also has been assumed in this theory that specific traits
of leadership are maintained by particular sets of people that differentiate them from one
another. At times, various individuals despite having personality traits linked with leadership
fail to acquire the leadership position. Whereas, at the other end, there are also some
individuals that are excelling in leading their followers despite lacking some of the basic
traits linked to effective leadership. One characteristic or trait that may be present in one
leader may not be present in another. A specific behavioural feature or a specific personality
is often identified by trait theories. For instance, some of the common traits that can be linked
to great leaders potentially are courage, self-confidence, and extroversion.


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