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Arthur Asher Miller Summary

Arthur Miller, the great American playwright of the 20th century, was born in Harlem, New York in 1915. His tremendous contribution to the playwriting of American literature bagged hims fame. He wrote many insightful and award-winning plays. The best of his plays is Death of the Salesman. This play bagged him Pulitzer Prize. His plays are still considered as the finest depiction of the American society at its best and worst.

His father was a successful businessman and his mother was an educator. He adopted the habit of reading from his mother. The family was strut by a misfortune resulted from the crash of the Wall Street in 1929. The family then was compelled to move to Flatbush. In his youth, the author worked hard and did many jobs to save money for his higher education at Michigan University. He showed his playwriting expertise by writing his first play No Villain, when he was in his school. This play was awarded by Avery Hopwood Award. This motivated him to take playwriting as a major course and pursue it as a career.

He inaugurated his playwriting career by his play The Man Who Had All the Luck. This play was not a good success. Miller had to face many harsh reviews for this play. However, his second play as a professional playwright was a hit. All My Sons was well liked by the audience and critics as well. Later, his iconic play, Death of the Salesman, showed Miller at his best. It was his greatest success and it was awarded by many prizes, the highest among them was Pulitzer Prize.

In 1940, he married Mary Slattery who was his college fellow. He fathers two children with her. However, their marriage collapsed and Arthur divorced her in 1956. Many people believe that the reason for this misfortune was Arthur’s undefined relation with the sex symbol of Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe. He first met her in 1951 at a Hollywood party. From then they started to meet each other. Arthur married her the same year he divorced his first wife. Everyone admired the union of these two great and famous people. Author Norman Mailer called their union a “union of Great American Brain and The Great American Beauty”. Unfortunately, this well-like relationship lasted only for four years because of the tragic death of Marilyn Monroe. He then married a third woman, Inge Morath on 1962.

Miller’s life was filled with numerous domestic problems. However, the great artist marked himself as the great American playwright by writing many remarkable plays such as Death of the Salesman, The Crucible, The American Clock, A View From the Bridge, and so on.

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