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Introduction to Brand Management Essay

Introduction to Brand Management’s benefits

The brand explicitly presents the primary benefit the car may provide the purchasers, i.e. possession of something that is desired by others, and the high performing engine that could increase the performance of the car and the experience of the consumers. The benefits associate with the brand name, in this case are partially explicit, as the brand “Infiniti” implies the performance of the car and the distance that the car is ambitiously claiming to travel.

Basic Brand Management – central hero?

The brand itself “Infiniti” is positioned in the advertisement, however the piece does not emphasize on the brand’s name or value, instead the product is the main hero of the piece which is endorsing the brand name.

Featured people

To increase the brand value, marketing techniques such as including a celebrities’ presence in the advertisement is employed. Such methods encourage the consumers to associate the brand with their favoured celebrities. The advertisement does not feature any people. It has been focused on the car itself, which along with the text is describing the product, as a luxurious and high performing vehicle.

Intention of communicator

The advertisement designer is portraying the product for sale by triggering the consumers’ desire to own a luxurious car such as the Infiniti Q50, as it sparks the “curiosity” for the wealthy and elite part of their consumer market to venture into gaining experience of driving in this car. The description along with the image of the product, encourages the consumers to possess the car as a symbol of luxury and quality.

Elicited response

It has been studies that the effect of advertisements and their mode of communication can make an impact on the consumers’ will to purchase the product. In the present advertisement, the communicator intends to trigger the both rational and emotional responses from the consumers, through the description in the piece in text form, as well the tagline “Ignite your curiosity”, which when after painting an image of a luxurious and high performing car with a turbo-charged engine, can encourage the consumers to purchase or at least provoke the audience to desire the experience of the car.

Style of execution

The style of execution in an ad can depend on the type of product being endorse, such as cause-related campaigns are known to add messages in fine print and at the bottom of the piece, or altered method of giving the message the spotlight, instead of the product. Even though, through a study it has been determined that the product-oriented ads are prone to make a larger impact on the audience through the inclusion of visual elements that can attract the audience to further think over the message or product depicted in the ad.

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