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Importance of College Degree

In the recent times, we have seen a generation of people who appreciate creativity. Creativity is the invention of new ideas or unique ways of interpreting everyday things. The one thing positive about today’s children is that they need excitement in their lives. The job market is full of opportunities to implement such talent. Therefore, there is an increasing need of employees who are motivated towards the job and are willing to induce creative ideas into the company.

High school is the time when students are expected to decide their future career, what they want to major in and basically, how they want to live their future life. This is the fault with our system. A young child attending high school should not be expected to decide about his/her career. In some schools, there are career counselors who guide students into what they should major in, which university to apply and what subjects and courses to study. How can the counselors know about what is best for an individual student? They do have high training and qualifications, but that does not make them the decision makers of a student’s entire life.

Choosing what job is best for you can be a hard decision. Sometimes people apply in such jobs where they regret working and are always complaining. What is the point of living such a life? Can that person achieve happiness? Or is making money the only purpose of life? There have been cases where people have changed their professions. Accountants turn into writers. Doctors change their profession to acting and engineers change their profession to painting. And these people finally realize that they could have never been satisfied with their previous job. This brings us to the argument that schools or educational institutes do not decide what you want to become.

The major fault is that schools and colleges still use conventional techniques to teach students. When the world has changed to such an extent, then why cannot they way of teaching change in schools? College drop outs such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerburg are people who are living examples of this. For success, degree is not important. It is just a piece of paper that is used just for formality. YouTube bloggers all around the world are gaining popularity and money just through making videos and entertaining people. The job market system should change to assess people over their skills and capabilities rather than their degrees or what university did they attend. Education is important but it is not necessary that it should be given by schools or colleges. Internet offers a huge range of information about all topics. It is our responsibility to use that information for creating better lives and a prosperous society.


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