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Importance of Recycling

Everyone is aware of the constant threat of globalization our earth is facing day by day. The increasing pollution is one of the factors which is causing globalization. We have approached to a point where we must seriously start thinking about saving our planet from its tragic end. Human beings are the only living creatures who are destroying the planet earth and ironically only human beings can safe it by avoiding things which harmful for our motherland. If human beings play prudently and think about other things apart their personal means, then they can make a huge change. The least human beings can do is to recycle their wasted items. Recycling is a very sensible of controlling the increasing pollution. It is a way of utilizing waste or converting it into useable material.

Everyone must know the importance of recycling, especially when we all are at the brink of our extinction. Recycling can help a great deal in reducing the emission of harmful gases from the areas where trash had been dumped. There are many things which can be reused such as bottles, cans, plastic jars, etc. These items can be used to store different things or for the purpose decoration. Moreover, reusing such items will reduce the amount of trash been produced per annually.

Recycling is not impossible as many people think. There are different towns in different states, which have launched their ambition of producing “Zero Waste”. Recycling is the only way of accomplishing this goal of producing ‘zero waste’. Kamikatsu is a town in Japan where people started their mission of producing zero waste by recycling the waste products in 2003. In the present year, the people of that vicinity are able to recycle almost 80% of their total trash. According to the people of that town, by 2020, the 100 percent of trash will be complete recycled. The town has 34 separate bins for different types of waste products. By sorting the waste into 34 categories, recycling has become easy there. Every individual of the town is responsible to wash, sort, and to take his trash to the recycling center himself.

Aforementioned example proves that recycling is possible. If every small town aims to produce zero waste and to recycle every single wasted item like Kamikatsu, then in future years we will be able to combat the problem of globalization and to safe the mother earth from all sorts of harm.


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