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Essay on Mood and Ethnicity

Ethnicity is a multi-faceted concept and it’s quite difficult to integrate all the ethnicity based effects in study of emotions or if it can be done, the results might be doubted for their accuracy. The Department of Health (2007) has promoted a set of 6 codes which are used for grouping of ethnicities. These are particularly important to be included within the studies aimed at investigating impact of ethnicity upon certain factors. Ethnicity has been recognized as a categorical indicator which denotes political and social history for an individual. It also has a role in shaping one’s responses. Representation of mood is differential across ethnicity since each race serve as the carrier of different cultural and demographic influences. Pas differential based upon ethnic influences and resources which a person carries and that not only impacts the distinctive physical characteristics and the cultural virtues for a person, but is also responsible for arbitrary mood changes.

Aggregation of ethnic groups allows for the comparative analysis of mood differences and how the ethnic heterogeneity tends to alter the mood between different racial groups. The investigations of mood in relation to ethnicity are influenced by number social contexts including domestic, financial, and health; these vary for different ethnicities. For example gender discrimination is more common among Black which keeps them mostly at low mood. Ethnic group forms the diverse subcultures which have predominant role in maintaining certain behaviour patterns for instance temperament and mood. Likewise, there changes with mood are also very much correlated with these factors, but not completely since there is interplay of a number of factors such as diverse social and demographic conditions, use of certain food items or medicines which have an impact on psychological well-being. However, the relationships of these are not clearly accounted in literature and remain uncertain so far.

The study only relates to depressed mood among Hispanics and Blacks in comparison to Asian Americans and Whites. According to the author, there lies significant differences within the stimulation and mitigation of depressed mood among the adults from the defined ethnicities, but all these differences are primarily linked to the mental health processes. For example, the incidences of schizophrenia is more common among Blacks, Asians, and Caribbean. The major factor within the context of ethnicity that determines significant differences in mood changes for both male and female adults is the level of socioeconomic disadvantages which is particularly most prominent among Blacks and Hispanics.


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