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Every person in this world wants a peaceful life without any conflicts with anyone. However, this world is not an ideal place; unwanted things always keep sprouting up. Bullying is one of such unwanted things. Bullying refers to the condition in which a person relentlessly insults and teases someone in order to instill fear and cause harm. Bullying can be avoided if the victim does not response the way bully expected him to.

Bullying can be of different types; it can be verbal, social, and physical. With the advent of the internet, bullying has taken a new form that is cyber bullying. Cyber bully can also be considered as an umbrella term because it comprises the other three types of bullying in it. Bullying through the internet on social websites such as tweeter and facebook has become a common practice of our young generation. Some people are prone to tease other people in order to satisfy their lust of attaining power, respect, and attention. Researchers have found that most bullies have an attention seeking nature.

The victims of bullying have to pay a heavy price. Bullying can lead its victims to feel hostility toward their schools, lower academic outcomes, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, feelings of loneliness, isolation and in extreme cases; it may develop the urge to commit suicide.

Many measures have been taken to stop this act of bullying. Schools have made strict policies against bullies, but all these efforts are not very effective. Therefore, to stop bullying, victims must take a step and must learn to put an end to it. The first thing to do is to take an immediate action. The victim must look in the eyes of the bully and tell him\her to stop teasing, show him\her that you are not weak, and you can certainly retaliate. Another effective way is to laugh out to lighten the tension. When you will laugh out the bullying, it will discourage the bully, as the sole purpose of bullying is to aggregate the anger of the victim. The victim must learn to control his\her emotions and to ignore whatever the bully is saying and doing. The victim must also avoid responding to the cyber bullying, blocking the bully can also help you to avoid the insults.

Bullies mostly target those people that seem to be hesitant and weak. The ultimate solution to avoid being bullied is to present oneself as a strong and confident person. Keep your emotions in your pocket and retaliate without being physical, because being physical can only intensifies the situation. People must learn to respect other people; this is the sole purpose of humanity; live and let other live. Bullies must stop bothering other people; they must not tease other in order to feed their ego. Every person must learn to exclude all the evil from his\her life. Abraham Lincoln once said, “I would rather be a little nobody, then to be an evil somebody”.


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