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Literature Review on Social Media

The review of the literature is to evaluate the importance of social media in terms of marketing and creating brand awareness for its products. Apart from social media, other traditional sources of media have experienced a great downfall over the last few years in terms of both business and market approval and the reason behind this is the huge acceptance and increased popularity of social media. Many media channels were forced to close down because of the continuous decline in their profit level due to the challenges resulting from the increased hype of social media and its usage. The use of social media has greatly increased by almost all the organizations in different industries in terms of marketing and brand management as a result of which many firms had to constrict their budgets related to advertising and shift towards the use of online channels for marketing their products.

Organizations are gradually transforming their methods of advertising and marketing priorities in order to align with the buyers in much better way. In today’s world, almost majority of the people in the world have grown habitual towards the use of social media and technology and population using social media is rapidly multiplying every day. Such proliferation of social media has led to study the importance of it for organizations in marketing and promoting their product. The number of social media channels has greatly increased in the last couple of years due to the development of different types of social media networking services which has allowed people to connect with each other.

Among the most famous and widely used social networking sites are Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. The most common channels used by the organization to communicate with their consumers and create brand awareness for their products are Facebook and Twitter. Companies use these social media websites for conducting online marketing activities and to increase their awareness about developments made by the organization for the Benefits of its customers. Users use social media networks to create personal profiles on different websites which other users can access to communicate and exchange personal content with them. Social media provides a platform for people where they can interact, collaborate and share their content with each other. Social media is now not just a platform for connecting with friends, relatives and family. It now allows consumers to learn and gather information about their favourite companies and its products. Use of social media has greatly risen between marketers and retailers as it allows them to reach out to consumers and attract them towards the products.


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