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Appropriate actions to enhance own leadership behavior

Successful leadership needs individuals to represent ahead their strengths, values, team leader skills and capabilities in order to bring increase principles or standards of service. For the application, the individuals should demonstrate effectiveness in the following four stages: The stage number one is building self-awareness by becoming aware of their own principles, values, hypothesis, and be becoming capable to gain knowledge from experiences. It further explains as to identify and communicate own principles and values, considering that how those might distinguish from those of other groups or individuals. Secondly, recognizing their self limitations and strengths, the influence of their conducts on others, and the impact of stress or pressure on their own conduct or behavior and recognizing their own prejudices or emotions and recognize that how these could impact their decisions and behavior. Analyzing, obtaining and acting on response from a range of resources.

The stage number two elaborates the management of you by managing and organizing their selves as taking description of the priorities and the needs of other individuals. It further explains as managing the effect of their emotions on their conduct or behavior while taking into the consideration the influence on other individuals and is trustworthy in meeting their commitments and responsibilities to continuously increase standards and making sure that their actions and plans are elastic, and taking into consideration of the requirements and work models of other individuals. Map their activities and load of work in order to accomplish commitments and requirements of work, with no compromise on their own fitness. The stage number three is all about enduring their personal growth by gaining knowledge through contributing in ongoing development professionally and from past experience and responses. It further explains as actively finding challenges and opportunities for the development and personal learning. Additionally, acknowledging blunders and deals them as learning prospect and contributing enduring professional growth activities. It also explains as altering their conduct with respect to reflection and feedback.

The stage number four elaborates as performing with integrity by acting in an honest, open and principled manner. It further explains as upholding professional and personal values and ethics, considering the values of the company and regarding the beliefs, culture and capabilities of individuals. Furthermore, correspond efficiently with the individuals, understanding their cultural, social, ethnic and religious background and their abilities, gender and age. Moreover, respect, value and encourage diversity and equality and take suitable initiatives if values and ethics are negotiated.

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