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Presumed Weapons Of Mass Destruction In Iraq

It is argued that since no Weapons of Mass Destruction were in evidence or recovered from Iraq, the main justification for the war was not true. However, it remains that decisions must be made on knowledge available at that time, for better or worse. However it is argued before embarking on such an ambitious venture, a greater and unemotional assessment of all factors, considering all the principles of a just war. Intentionality must be a decisive factor, and the affirmed reasons for the war must be honest. However, the common belief is that Bush knew that Iraq had no WMD’s but the sole reason for the invasion was to secure earnings for the American Oil Companies, and to have another secure source of oil, besides Saudi Arabia.

Even if war is fought with the intention or rebuilding the country after the conflict, it still does not justify invading another country on the pretext of self defense or to prevent it from becoming “the aggressor” at some later date. However, proponents of this war support the war, saying it was an act of self defense because Saddam Hussein was funding terrorist’s organization. If the West, specifically America was so concerned about WMD’s then why did they sell these chemicals and weapons to Saddam Hussein? Saddam Hussein was a good guy as long as he was fighting Iran, but suddenly turned into Satan incarnated when the West started disliking him. It is on the record that these chemicals and components for making missiles were sold to him by the governments of Ronald Reagan and George Bush sr.

The American Constitution was written with great care to ensure that no one branch of the government has total authority over the military. Throughout the history of this country this division of powers has stood the test of time. It is necessary that the government with its separate branches of authority, make efforts, and strongly debate amongst each other for control of those powers granted to them by the Constitution, lest one branch tilts the balance of power in its favor. Whenever this government thinks of using force to implement its National Security Strategy, this nation needs and requires great debate.

If this nation fails in regard to this, it will weaken itself and throw away the lives of many its citizens, an exceptional and irreplaceable resource. The President had already initiated deployment of forces into the Central Command Theater of operations. After many public debates, Congress approved Public Law 107-243 on 16 October 2002, which in part states: The President is authorized to use the Armed Forces of the United States as he determines to be necessary and appropriate in order to: defend the national security of the United States against the continuing threat posed by Iraq; and put into effect all relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions regarding Iraq.


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