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Dark Tourism Essay Writing

The term ‘dark tourism’ was first used by Hartmann ‘thanatourism’ (thanatos means death) is the other word that means same as the dark tourism. Many other words are used to define the similar concept. The words include grief tourism, phoenix tourism, morbid tourism, black spot tourism and disaster tourism the conception of ‘Black spots’. It included visit to graveyard or any place where substantial people were buried due to violent or unexpected death. Morbid tourism is defined as an attraction-focused tourism. He stated that main purpose of such tourism is the interest in natural or non-natural death which effectively appeals large population of people. When any misfortune or disaster happen at dark site, it influence us in many different ways. It can influence us politically, emotionally and socially. Dark tourism is considered as a complex branch of tourism. It includes characteristics acquired from heritage, education, cultural and special interest tourism. dark tourism is referred as special interest tourism which is the major component of niche tourism. The opposite of conservative tourism is niche tourism. It comprised of extensive people that is why referred as ‘mass tourism’. Special interest or activity based tourism is included in the niche tourism and it comprise of some tourists and is located in authentic settings. Dark tourism validity is extremely significant for the integrity of attraction and experience of the tourists. Farmaki (2013, pp. 281-292) observed that locations of tragedies or disasters is always appealed by the tourist. The example of one of such location is Coliseum in Rome. The other locations of tragedies include Princess Diana’s tragic car crash location or 9/11 site. It is determined that dark tourism pull major population of tourists as compared to the niche tourism which appeal only small population of tourist.

Podoshen et. al (2015, pp. 316-328) stated that every visitor must determine the thought of motivation to visit the dark site. The motivation may be just for entertainment they want to visit the dark side to see those whose misery has become demonstration being disgraced? Skinner (2016, pp. 23-39) determined that it is because of the dark tourism that commercial sector producing horrors of yesterday are now transformed to business of today. Volcic, Erjavec and Peak (2014, pp. 726-742) reported that because of this reason memorial shops are present at tragedy locations, the memory of any individual is inter-changed with collective one and the people who give admiration to victims are considered as the consumers.


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