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Financial barriers

It is believed by women that they are opposed by the banks. Though, it is men or women, both have to struggle with financial issues that is now becoming more demanding. The most prominent resource that is refused by the women is access to finance. In reference to access to finance, the issues that women face consist of massive collateral requirements, top on loans, and high rates of interest. As compared to women, men have more chances of access to finance through their personal finance and from lending sources. ‘Women faces gender discrimination’, this statement has no proof in literature.

It is reported that women business is less favorable to formal capitals.

Variety of researches indicated that banks mostly benefit the small enterprises which comprises of women by examining the medium and large-sized enterprises companies. Women are not opposed by gender when they are in need of band credit. Instead, they work in smaller platform as compared to men due to which they may face loss during the financial help, The small enterprises are growing and they have significant role in economy, still investors resist investing in these small firms due to the cost problems. It is proved that bank discriminate on account of size of company rather than the gender. Women are not opposed due to gender.

They work for younger, smaller and risky businesses due to which they are no able to make required investments. Structural features of firm’s cause’s loss to women in lending practices rather than the discrimination over gender. It was presented that the business schemes of women comprise of less capacity and undocumented track record as compared to the male business.

The women business encounter many problems as they are not much capable and smaller when it comes to bank lending. Many studies suggested that women entrepreneurs have not so good relation with the financial organizations that restrict them to access for credit. These studies observed the behavior and attitude of banks in respect to women entrepreneurs. Women become frustrated due to the problems caused by bankers. They cause them problems when they seek for loan from banks. Due to this reason, women entrepreneur feel unwanted and they step back from the banks. Women feel more supportive with lending officers as compared to the banks. They supposed that managers of bank may connect with men more appropriately in contrast to women. However, it is found that women business attain very high publicity but their approach to capital is very much low.


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