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Importance of Curriculum

The curriculum is a body of content of knowledge and/or subjects. Education is the most effective process that has been devised to ensure the transmission or delivery of knowledge to students. The statutory body that looks over the educational content of courses of the university leading to a Degree in Midwifery is The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC. Confirmation of the professional registration of each midwife following qualification and ensuring their constant competence throughout their ongoing practice of midwifery is the responsibility of the NMC. This framework is essential in assuring the experience of contentment and safe care from knowledgeable and skilled midwives during the various phases of childbirth and postnatal period. The International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) has also agreed upon at an international level regarding the definition that has set the responsibilities and roles of a midwife. Representation of the professional status of midwives has been performed globally by this organisation. Major emphasis has been placed on the significance of education in midwifery for developing the competence and skills that are necessary for the delivery of HDC to high-risk pregnant women.

A degree course has been undertaken at a university that escorts towards qualification as a Registered Midwife (RM). This course was commenced in September 2008. The title of pre-registration midwifery programme is normally given to this course, and it is based on the supervised practice of midwifery and integrated learning of theory. A professional qualification (RM) and an academic (BSc (Hons)) degree are awarded to students following the completion of this programme. Therefore, successful completion of both the clinical work assessment and academics is important to be achieved by the students for completing the degree and qualifying as a midwife. The length of all the programmes of midwifery degree must be a minimum of three years with each year including 45 programmes in a week. According to the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union (2005) practice residency on neonatal care units and clinical experience on a ward of the general hospital in gynaecology are also provided by some of the universities.

Opportunities are also provided to midwifery students for observing the surgical and medical approaches of the care of women presenting gynaecological complications most of which have arisen due to pregnancy and labour. There is another route for entering in the midwifery programme referred to as Pre-registration Midwifery short programme which was formerly a course for 18 months that provided additional education to the registered nurses who wanted to acquire further information and achieve a second expert registration.

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