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What is Intruder Attacks and Network Security in General?

An attack on a computer network or system is any attempted unauthorized access, abuse, or damage the resources of said system or network. Network security, thus, concerns itself with ensuring the security and safety of computer systems or devices that make up the infrastructure of some network. This is different to computer security, which means the securing of stand-alone computers that are not parts of the infrastructure of a network. According to agencies such as the CIA, FBI, and the Interpol, computer crimes are the most rapidly growing kind of crime all over the world at the moment for example cyber security attacks. This is expected, since most of these crimes can be perpetrated from the safety and comfort of the criminal’s home as compared to, say, attempted burglary in someone’s home at three in the morning. And, according to Arnold Alanui Jr., an FBI agent from the FBI Cyber crime Division from Honolulu, even if the FBI tracks down computers that have been utilized in committing such crimes and finds that more than one person has been in use of a particular computer, they cannot prosecute all of them because any one or all of them may have used the computer for committing that crime. The nature of these punishments, thus, is not very deterring for people who make optimum use of this opportunity to perpetrate all sorts of computer crimes such as cyber security attacks.

Some time ago, in a well to do neighborhood of Hawaii, the FBI used warrants to come marching into a quiet, simple residence intending to arrest the person there and confiscate his PC. According to their knowledge, the computer had records of illegal drug transactions and the like. But as soon as they entered the place, the man shot down his computer thoroughly enough to damage the hard drives beyond repair, only to get arrested anyway.

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