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What is Keyloggers?

In network security, the Keyloggers are used to define those software or hardware devices that may be made use of in capturing keystrokes on computers. In terms of software keyloggers, there are Trojan computer programs that can be load on computer systems. For hardware keyloggers, they can be small devices (these may be as small as less than an inch long and may be installed as fast as in half a minute). This can be as simple as a jack inserted into the port where the keyboard goes i.e. between the keyboard and the computer motherboard. Then the hardware is installed by, most of the time, running word processing programs like WordPad and entering the password that is provided by the vendor. Upon entering said password a menu may be encountered.

Some of the most commonly used keyloggers are KeyGhost and KeyKatcher. These programs can be used to do things like capturing email messages sent privately as well as other types of conversation or anything that is entered into the system with the keylogger installed. Keyloggers can also be used to detect malignant activity intened by insiders in the organization as well as to know the passwords that are entered in the system in question. When keyloggers are used without permission, it is illegal and a crime. These kind of software mostly use similar menus for keystroke capturing. KeyGhost has more storage area for the capturing of such entered data as compared to KeyKatcher. Keyloggers are quite useful for security testers due to their nature and the ease with which they can be used. The software was initially intended for companies and parents for monitor the systems of employees and children respectively. The connection between keyboard and computer is usually sealed with a molten plastic covering so as to make the presence of the keylogger not very noticeable for the user.

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