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Malware Attacks

What are Malware attacks?

The best and most effective method of protecting networks from all sorts of the new malware being introduced every day apart from doing all hardware and software related security measures is to educate and structurally train and employees and management personnel who are to use the network in question. In many places, security awareness programs are mandatory in government and private companies alike. Read the article further to learn more about “Educating Computer Users about Malware Attacks”.

Method of Educating Computer Users about Malware Attacks

A simple but very effective methods of educating users regarding computer security is to email them month security updates so increase their knowledge regarding the most recent developments in the areas of viruses, adware, spyware, and malware in general that have been detected on the Internet. To stop viruses from entering networks, one of the most important things to do is to update virus signatures as soon as they come up. Most antivirus software either do this automatically or keep on reminding the user to do so. To set the antivirus software to update virus signatures automatically, therefore, is of the utmost importance. Protecting against adware and spyware for networks may require the user of other software from the internet as well. This is because most antivirus software is not designed to also counter adware and spyware, there being other programs from the same companies offering these services. SpyBot and Ad-Aware are two of the most popular programs that do this job, both also being free to be downloaded. Firewalls are also another way to protect networks. Many antivirus companies also offer firewall services for home as well small businesses to cover for the lack of intrusion detection systems or dedicated hardcore firewalls. For instance, if a worm targets port 8998 to connect the attacker and the victim, outbound traffic can be blocked to stop such an attack. Unneeded services such Telnet for the average user may also be disabled for the same reason.

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