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The Experiments of 1928

The horror and paranormal material website “Creepypasta” has a reputation of hosting some of the most horrifying and disturbing tales and urban myths out there. One such creepypasta is that of “Experiments of 1928.” As the name implies, Experiments of 1928 is about a series of experiments conducted in Russia in 1928 with human beings as their test subjects. The human beings in question were homeless people who were not expected to be missed by anyone if they went missing for an indefinite period of time. They were offered food and shelter for a month were they to take part in some “simple tests.” The story is recounted as part of memoirs by the researchers.

The true nature of the experiment of far more sinister. The subjects were to be kept in a room with a some tables, chairs, and beds and weren’t to be provided with any substantial amount of food or water. Even worse, they were to be exposed to a gas that would cause them to add to their resultant depression and make them lose their will to live. Once they had died, the researchers were to attempt to revive them, which was the experiment’s real purpose.

The first to give in a middle-aged man, following which an animal’s carcass was placed in the room. A woman touched it and became sick. This infection passed to the other subjects and they all started dying one by one. They next entry says that the researchers did manage to reanimate the subjects, only for them to start killing the researchers relentlessly and became an inexorable force. The second-last entry is by the last remaining researcher, who is also ripped apart like his colleagues and eaten. This is revealed by the last entry, which says that the subjects have broken out of the facility after killing the researchers.

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