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When students order paper from Master Essay Writers they provide information for which they have to fill out a form with the requisite information. Some of the information that clients provide is confidential and cannot be revealed to anyone. We respect your right to privacy and are absolutely committed to protecting the information. The “respect to privacy” is an important and integral part of our company policies and we take strict measures to ensure that all concerned cannot violate company privacy policies. The company handles all online transactions through the most secure and reliable online payment system that are provided by Pay-pal.

The web server used by our Master Essay Writers automatically registers all average and customary information such as user’s domain, IP address, the type of browser being used, and the pages that are being viewed. This information is collected for statistical purposes because none of that information tells us who you really are. The company might use cookies modify content on your IP address, browser type and other system settings. All the information provided is deal with by a secure server and the collected information becomes redundant and is discarded the minute the transaction is completed. However, please bear in mind that no system is 100% secure, and our company cannot guarantee the absolute confidentiality and security of your private information.

Master Essay Writers ensures unbiased and realistic physical, secure electronic servers with appropriate legal and administrative safeguards for all businesses and the handling of your sensitive information that you send when placing your orders. All your confidential details and information is received by us via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and is then converted into our payment process by authorized and reliable persons who are given special access rights to these systems after several years or working with our company and proving their honesty, integrity and loyalty. After your financial transaction is completed your credit cards, social security number and other important financial information is not stored on our servers just ordinary information like your name and address are kept for our records.

Master Essay Writers also provides links to useful websites that can be effectively used by you. However, we do not accept responsibility for the information on those sites or their private policies and we would advise you to read and become familiar with their privacy policies and disclaimers of the sites that you use for evaluating the information provided on these websites. It is a firm company policy that we do not trade, sell or transfer client information to any other party for any reason whatsoever. However, non -identifiable personal may be given to different that they use for marketing, advertising and other non-financial information.