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  • 1. Write every day. Only practice will teach you to write better.
  • 2. Read all the time. The process of reading is the reverse of writing.
  • 3. Read the most diverse styles of writing and create a taxonomy of styles that you prefer. Read as the author: pay attention to the structure, tone, form, grammatical constructions and so on. Try to write the same fictional paragraph in the style of your favorite authors.
  • 4. Do this exercise - take one sentence and destroy its construction. Put the verb in the passive voice, the adjective after the noun, remove the preposition, and think how else it can be changed. You can ignore building rules and play with the form, if you are sure that you know them perfectly.
  • 5. Read style guides of various publications. They have AP, The New York Times and others. In Russia, promises to soon release its own.
  • 6. Details matter. If you ask 5 people to write a story about the apple tree that grows in the village, it will be completely different stories. If you ask to prepare important news, it will be in the context of the latest developments. The context in which we live is of great importance.
  • 7. Write what you want. Then leave the first and last paragraphs. This is a universal rule - when you write a story, it will be better if you leave only the first and last paragraphs.
  • 8. Eat more fruits, take care of your body. If your body says no, the brain will follow the same path.
  • 9. Do not ask for permission. In other words, do not say "as it seems to me," "in my opinion." We know that this is your opinion, because you write this.
  • 10. Drink coffee. No coffee - no creativity.
  • 11. Be honest. Tell people about what they know, but for some reason they never say. Someone may be angry with you, but others - will be grateful. If you are not ready to be honest, do not try to write.

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