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Custom Thesis: Analysis of the increasing mobility of South Asian Women

Job Mobility

Job-related mobility is a widespread phenomenon among the women belonging to South Asian countries (Indian, Bangladeshi, and Sri Lankan. The advancements in modern globalization has not only escalated the migration of domestic workers but have also allowed them to sustain contacts with their intimate relatives. However, migrant domestic work can be viewed as a strong case of transnationalism. Inspecting this kind of employment concurrently widens, reframes, and recasts numerous arguments on transnationalism, mobility, and the state. In case, of many pink collar migrant, mothers travel large distances to reach their place of employment, however, the majority of women often find their mobility extremely controlled. Whilst several migrant domestic workers do not acquire relevant documents, the international migration of domestic workers is also extremely state- regulated. Since these immigrant workers need to live in circumstances of high dependency, this itself leads to a high level of vulnerability.

According to a group of researchers, five full-time employees belonging to the age group of 25-54 years and representing 18 percent of the total population are in a mobile state. In addition, approximately 35percent of the women of South Asian countries have experienced mobility in the past. The findings of the various study revealed that when compared to residential mobility, recurring mobility is more common among the women. The long-term mobility of the women results in loss of parental guidance and support through growing up. Other impacts of job-related mobility include factors such as the association of parents simply as providers (in monetary terms) resulting in either complete detachment from parents or a continued craving for particularly the mother resulting in accumulated frustration and inappropriate individual behavior. As noted in the previous sections of the study, travelling appears to be the most appropriate alternative to permanent dislocation. It can be suggested that this strategy allows the individuals to eradicate the impacts of interregional repositioning such as loss of local infrastructure, loss of a social network, loss of friends and loss of extended family members.

Women Belonging to South Asian countries (Indian, Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan) are often regarded as deskbound for the reason that they possess a greater degree of emotional attachment to their home regions. Recurring mobilities serve as conciliation among the lack of enthusiasm towards being mobile and the requirement of doing so. Furthermore, anything that becomes more frequent turns out to be more relevant. As discussed in the starting of the mobility section, that a range of empirical evidences have supported the notion that mobility has escalated in the recent times. With no contradiction to the notion that modernism and post-modernism can be regarded as the frameworks that are capable of demonstrating this pattern over enduring time periods, it can be suggested that other explicit factors have also significantly contributed to the increase in mobility.

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