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Implications for Coaching and Coach Education

For practice and research of coach education and holistic sports education, there are certain implications proposed by two sub disciplines, i.e., psycho-social and socio-cultural. These disciplines are related to social and humanism theories. It is generally accepted that a
relationship between holism and humanism exists and one of the pioneers of modern humanistic psychology is Abraham Maslow. For the research of coach education and holistic sports coaching, implications are likely to be continued by reflective observation of Maslow.
Other than Maslow, it was questioned by Kretchmar that how a clear notion of holistic coaching is provided by transpersonal psychology. Others that focused on humanist-informed sports coaching observed that verifications and substance were lacked by most of the research. Therefore, in order to overcome this limitation, the humanistic model was recommended by Lyle to be appraised in both terms, that is in process of coaching and in context. Further, to carry out research that crosses borders of domain, opportunities were provided to researchers. For future research for coach education and holistic sports education, work with potential implications was already forwarded by various researchers that crafted out links between social theory and humanism. However, various interpretations of coach education
and holistic sport coaching were provided by humanistic assumptions that were challenged despite the significance of cultural and social practices. The research carried out in the coach education and sports coaching in context of humanism were informed by researchers that
focused on Foucault theories. However, limited research and discussion can be extracted that connect social theories with the notion of coach education and holistic sport coaching. It has been concluded by various researchers a lack of discussion about coach
education and holistic sport coaching do have implications regarding what practice appear like. Various related coaching behaviors were identified who focused on implications by humanism on coaching practice. Despite the identified issues linked with these practices,
suggestions were continued to be forwarded regarding utilization of social theories and humanism in order to construct coach education and holistic sport coaching. For coaching practice in performance sport, the humanistic approach to coaching was described as one of
the benchmarks. Similarly, a buzz-word was used i.e., ‘athlete-centered’ to describe coaching practitioners, coach educators and academics. Other than this, it was proposed that a holistic approach must be adopted within all the domains in order to win. Along with this, in order to
enhance the notion of holistic coach education, social theories were also considered. The interdependence of coach educators and coaches were acknowledged by him and also forwarded implications for the coach education and holistic sport education.


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