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How to write an essay

Ability to write an essay assumes a fairly high level of language skills. And few people own this art. It's difficult, but - start in advance. The earlier you start to think about the topic of the essay, the more time you will have to collect the material. When your brain is set up to think about a question, the information seems to fall on its own. The same happens when you learn a new word: it begins to seem that it occurs more often in the text. The thing is that you become more receptive to a certain type of information, paying more attention to it. The structure of the essay in English is universal for all examinations. Written work consists of the following parts:

  • 1. Title - the title of the essay, reflecting the theme of the narrative.
  • 2. Introduction - 2-4 short sentences that cover the topic of the essay.
  • 3. The main part - 2-3 paragraphs, describing the essence of the work. In them you need to fully and competently open the topic, give arguments and argue them.
  • 4. Conclusion - 2-4 sentences summarizing the written. In this part, you make a general conclusion on the topic of the essay.

  • Each of the paragraphs in the main part of the essay begins with an introductory sentence (Topic Sentence), this is the "introduction" to the paragraph. Subsequent proposals develop and confirm the thought expressed in the Topic Sentence. Do not abuse complex words and expressions, but avoid slang and cuts. In general, try to write short simple sentences, from time to time diluting them with longer ones. The goal is to state the essence clearly and clearly so that the reader can easily follow the course of thought and not be distracted by extraneous reasoning.


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