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Social and Cultural Constraints

The limitations are imposed on women by the family, women herself and by the society that is the main issue for women. They reported that women are not accepted as effective, dominant and powerful business leader by the society. In our society, the relations are ranked as women is less powerful, has less chances, low resource approach and inferior to men. The connection between women and men in office, public or in family determines that what society thinks about the women and men features and attitude.

The attitude of society regarding role of women and men is the main issue that believes that women are not capable, lack independence and also depends on advice of others. Standards and negative attitude of society is also the issue for working woman. Firstly, it is believed that women should accept more household work as compared to men. Secondly, the job of man is believed to be more important. Thirdly, women have potential to accept increased level of responsibilities regarding household. Not every woman is suitable for these stereotypes. Many stereotypes that causes problem for women. These include women are too emotional, lack commitment to career, does not want to work for many hours or other than the working hours, not tough enough, face difficulty in decision making and lack skills and potentials. The in-built attitudes are developed in women over many years that include emotional, loving, not much committed to work, not able to make decisions, hesitant of achievement and lack of skills. These stereotypes can be not true and not every woman fits in these stereotypes. The lack of skill and low confidence in women causes many problems and also affect the start of their business. The women are believed to be less significant, as a result of which women will not be recommended by advisory system as they recommend men. Thus, women approach to business opportunities are influenced by cultural and social limitations. One main obstacle is also determined in research that is known as gender. Variety of problems are faced by women as compare to men to become entrepreneur. Due to gender, many women said that they are being discriminated. It is instinctive that men are more competent as compared to women. So, women must work effectively to prove themselves. Moreover, for the initiation and establishment of business, they are given less support.


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