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Effects of domestic violence

There are significant immediate and long-term impacts of domestic violence on the health as the well-being of women even after the relationship has ended. Physical as well as psychological consequences of violence increase the likelihood of health problems and can also lead to disability, illness and even death. Sexual assault is described as the assault committed by the current or past partner or spouse. Marital rape can be understood as forced intercourse within the marriage and is the form of domestic violence as one partner controls and exerts power on another partner. The historical analysis reveals that marital rape was not considered as a crime, since rape was traditionally understood as the forced sexual conduct with someone other than wife. Thus, within law, rape was not given attention within the marital relationship. However, consent of wife to the sexual contact is gaining attention that has led to progression in removing such marital exemptions from rape statutes. The current assignment discusses how marital rape in part of domestic violence and what are the causes and prevalence of the same. Effects of domestic violence can be overwhelming especially if the abuse is continued to an extended period of time. The victim knows it is possible to break the cycle but is unable to get out of it. However, recover from domestic violence exposure is possible that also leads to discovering new inner strengths. The survivor of domestic violence needs self-medications and drugs and alcohol to cope with the overwhelming feelings. It is also seen that victim is engaged in self-injurious behaviour to release tension. In addition, outlook of life and of world changes from domestic violence. When a person feels controlled by another person, then it creates feelings of hopelessness and thus negative outlook of being damaged and unworthy. It also affects self- esteem when the victim goes through constant insults and criticism leading to questioning the sense of self in relation to the world. Thus, domestic violence affects negatively the abilities of the person to trust others and feel secure and safe.

Domestic violence remains unclear in terms of its real magnitude as the data for this term depends on the research methods applied, sampling procedures and parameters that define the term domestic violence. It is also reported that the cases of domestic violence remain unreported and thus the statistics regarding domestic violence are still unclear. Domestic violence is increasing while others claim that it is decreasing while more women are reporting abuse as compared to before. However, studies reveal that between 10 to 60% of the women reported violence by an intimate partner at different points in lives. Domestic violence is often considered as the gender issue and women are more prone to assault by the victims as compared to men. It is noted that sexual violence remains high as 22% women reported the assault by male partner or ex-partner while only 7% males have been the victims. In the UK, one of every four women had experienced domestic violence at any point of life.


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