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Causes of Wife Rape

No researches are represented that determine the interests of husband-rapist. Exactly in what way the interests of husband-rapist are same as the interests of stranger-rapists is not known yet. According to women’s thought, the reason of sexual abuse is usually due to issue regarding dominance, power, control and humiliation. In women opinion, it is assumed by the husband that it is the duty of wife to agree to sex according to the desire of husband.

According to their stories, every husband-rapist raped his wife forcefully. All of them belonged to middle-class, and typical fights were their main topics. Their stories included the subject of dominance, humiliation and control. The stories that were reported by three husband- rapists include: ‘You can assume that I raped her. But I was in that state of marriage where it was the only power I had over her’. ‘It was certain that I did not want children, but I was that much annoyed that I made a decision that anyhow I will take the risk’. ‘I was irritated by her and it was a way of revenge only’.

Every man complains of no power and unmans feelings in their relation. They said that their wives do not appreciate their hard work in relations and also in earning and not respected them. Sex was believed as power by some men, whereas many used it as a weapon. These men committed sexual abuse to their wives because they are unable to deal with the anger present in their lives. The common myths were revealed by each man that included that their wives were not hurt by sexual abuse, that forceful sex was enjoyed by their wives. They also said that their wives could protect themselves from the attack if they wanted to do so. Husbands will never accept that they hurt their wives during the forceful sexual abuse.

The reasons of marital rape range from desire to assert superiority over woman or sexual perversion of husband. It also includes petty domestic issues or when women demand their rights in marital relationship. Prime reason for marital rape remains gender inequality. Thus, marital rapes occur in higher rates in societies that have a male-dominated system and social norms and where women are not given equal rights either as married or un-married. Another reason is the traditional roles assigned to women in the society. Married women are expected to be obliging and faithful to husbands and fulfil his demands without any questioning. For these women, sexual relationship is also considered as important part of her duties towards the husband making her role to be submissive. Lastly, economic dependency is also one of the reasons of frequent marital rape. It is worth noting that legal provisions for recognising marital rape as and offence remain absent due to which men are encouraged for such behaviour.


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